Most of the pillow covers are hand-woven linen, some are pure linen, a large part are a mixture of linen and cotton and a few are linen and wool.

Linen is made from the fibers of the stem of the beautiful blue flax flower. It's like cotton plant fibers, but where cotton is made from seed hair, flax is made from the fiber of the stem.

Flax plants grow in temperate areas, where cotton plants grow in the tropics.
Flax fibers are stiffer than cotton, and linen has the characteristics, that the fabric becomes shiny after weaving. Old-fashioned white and shiny tablecloths, for example, are made out of linen.


Cotton is the fiber from a catos plant, which is a tropical
agricultural crop, it is a strong material that
withstands washing really well, it actually gets stronger when
When washing, you must be aware that even though cotton can withstand high temperatures, this only applies if the clothes are white. If a material of cotton is dyed, then the ideal temperature for washing does not depend on the cotton fibers, but on the color.


The inner pillows are filled with duck feathers and down in a cover of 100% cotton,

The inner pillows are made completely without chemicals. All feathers are European and therefore comply with all EU animal welfare requirements. The cushions are Oeko-Tex certified and comply with English fire requirements according to 1988 safety regulations, BS5852 Ignition source 2. SKU 90MONT030